The quality of sleep can depend on a number of factors that affect how well or bad you feel when you wake up in the morning. But what are the most harmful habits or things that prevent us from living a full life?


One of the biggest sleep disorders is stress. The day is spent like any other day, everything seems to be fine, but when you wrap yourself in a blanket and close your eyes, you suddenly start thinking about how much work you need to do in a week, how much laundry and dishes to wash and how many people to call to greet birthday. The heart beats hard and loud, sudden headaches and a million thoughts of how it was, is or will be. 


Of course, Monday mornings are hard, it is impossible to survive without coffee, but if after the second cup of coffee is not counted the total amount drunk, then the result will be felt just when it's time to go to bed. It continues the vicious circle - mornings hard because of bad sleep, but bad sleep is because there are hard mornings. Or are the mornings hard because the amount of caffeine is high, which affects how bad sleep is?


Different environments are needed to work, sleep and have a meal. Why? Because there is a separate action for each location. The bed is designed for sleeping, and if it is used as a place with several activities, it will be difficult for the human body to perceive the time allotted for each activity, which may reduce work efficiency, sleep quality and sleep speed.


Everyone may occasionally eat a snack before bed, but is it okay to do so? It is best not to do this, because like the brain, the whole body needs rest, which can be obtained just during sleep, so try to refrain from eating at least two hours before bedtime.


At least an hour before bedtime, refrain from using electronic devices, as it is no secret that the blue light emitted from the screens interferes with sleep. How do we know that? You can read it in our article "How does blue light damage your sleep quality?", Which explains in more detail the effects of blue light.

Also read the article "5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sleep Quality" where you can find other tips to improve your sleep for a full life. On the website you will also find different types of computer glasses that will help block the blue light, if it is impossible to avoid it - in the range of offers you will find glasses for women, men and also children.


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