Ksenija Sisina

After a long day at the computer, I felt eye pain and blurred vision. Since I started using Blinkely computer glasses on a daily basis, my ability to concentrate has improved and my eyes don't hurt at the end of the day. I invite everyone to take care of their eyes.

Louise Cape

Today, like most of us, I study and work remotely. Many hours at the computer caused additional problems and strain on the eyes. Since I used computer glasses, reduced headaches, improved sleep and, of course, glasses are also a great accessory that suits everything.

Aiga Macanova

Great discovery in the last month! I didn't really have as much use of a computer before as I do now, so I realized that I finally have to take care of my eyesight, because I use a computer most of my day. Thanks to these glasses I have:

1. Sleep has improved, because after taking off your glasses and going to bed, it is much easier and faster to fall asleep.

2. The quality of work has improved.

3. Reduced fatigue and, of course, drowsiness.

Martins Jankovskis

Computer glasses at very good prices. Very good value for money. Recommend.

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Kristiāns Krēziņš

Fast delivery, good looks and really helps the eyes not get tired so fast. A very valuable purchase in my life. Thanks to Blinkely staff for great customer service.

Marina Eglīte

I haven't worn any glasses before. Well, in the summer, sunglasses. Now I chose Blinkely computer glasses (which are extremely light) to protect my eyes from the blue light from the screen. Yes, I look a bit like a teacher with glasses (well, actually I am), but glasses are also a stylish accessory. At Blinkely you will find glasses that match your face shape.