What are the delivery costs?

-Free delivery throughout Latvia via Omniva parcel terminals;

-Delivery price to the door: 5 EUR;

-Receive the product on the spot in the store: Free;

How soon will I receive the shipment?

Delivery is made via Omniva parcels or Omniva couriers. Delivery takes 2-4 days from the moment of ordering on average.

Do I need computer glasses?

You need computer glasses if:

1. Spend more than 3 hours a day at the computer and other screens (blue light in a small amount is not harmful);

2. You have any of the following symptoms after using your computer or other digital devices:

- Tired eyes;

- Sore eyes;

- Dry eyes;

- Headache;

- Physical fatigue and drowsiness;

- Sleep problems.

What is the effect of blue light and why do you need computer glasses?

Blue light creates short waves, so it creates more energy - more strain on the eyes.

Unlike other visible colors, blue light enters the retina and too much blue

light can begin to damage retinal cells.

Computer glasses are designed to protect our eyes from the "blue" created by computers and other screens

light ”and we would avoid eye strain, dryness and future problems.

Is it possible to measure the glasses somewhere?

If you can't figure out and choose which model will be most suitable for you, we offer the opportunity to measure and try on glasses in person:

 - Shop "Babolat" (between the 7th and 8th entrances) - Barons quarter, Cēsu street 31, Riga.

Opening hours, address and contacts - CONTACTS

Is it possible to buy computer glasses also with optical lenses (for proximity or distance)?

Yes, any model of our computer glasses can be purchased with diopters - proximity or distance, cylinders, prisms and custom optical centers. At the time of purchase, you must choose whether the lenses are only needed to protect the blue light, or as optical glasses (with a blue light-blocking coating) by entering the necessary information from the doctor's prescription. To make the whole process faster and more accurate, you can safely send us a copy of the prescription or a picture by e-mail after the purchase.

Price: 30 EUR + price of computer glasses

Do I need a doctor's prescription to buy computer glasses?

You do not need a doctor's certificate, examination or prescription to buy computer glasses, because the lenses in computer glasses do not help with vision problems, but to protect our eyes from the "blue light" from computers and other screens and to avoid eye fatigue, dryness, drowsiness, fatigue. and future challenges.

The prescription is only necessary if you need computer glasses with optical lenses - proximity or distance, cylinders, prisms and custom optical centers.

How to properly care for your computer glasses?

We recommend that you keep your Blinkely computer glasses in a spectacle case. This will protect the computer glasses from dust and possible scratches. Also, the computer glasses are clean only with a special cleaning cloth that comes with each order.

→ Never use silicone-containing cloths, paper towels and old cloths.

which could scratch spectacle lenses;

→ Also do not use household cleaners, disinfectants and acetone, which

can damage spectacle lenses and scratches.

Is there a guarantee for computer glasses?

Yes, all of our Blinkely computer glasses have a statutory warranty against industrial defects.

Please note that the warranty does not cover:

- Damage caused by improper use, lack of care (broken frames, legs or lenses), accidents, storing glasses outside the intended case;

- Signs of natural wear and tear that occur after daily use (loss of frame gloss, scratches, loss of text, etc.)


In case of warranty, contact us:

What are the advantages of Blinkely computer glasses over other computer glasses on the Internet?

Latvian brand and team. We are a Latvian brand, Latvian team and company and Latvian computer spectacle designs. All revenues remain in the Latvian economy.

The largest selection of computer glasses in Latvia.

Free delivery, receiving the product in Omniva parcel terminals throughout Latvia.

Great prices. Glasses for working with a computer can be purchased from us at prices from 27 - 45 EUR. Our computer glasses are cheaper than other competitors, because we are not distributors of any foreign brand in Latvia, but we have created our own brand, our own designs and we have our own manufacturer.

Possibility to try on and measure glasses before purchase;

Product return. However, if you are not satisfied with the size, appearance of the glasses or did not feel enough effect and improvement in your daily life, then it is possible to return the glasses.

As it arose "Blinkely computer glasses" company?

Story of Blinkely CEO and Founder:

I have been working in Singapore for over six months, a standard office job. More than 8 hours a day were spent working at the computer, on the way to work, spending time on the phone and returning home, of course, TV and Netflix. Over time, I began to feel discomfort in my eyes - fatigue, dryness and often lack of energy and sleep. I started researching solutions on the Internet and came across computer glasses that were not so well known at that time. I started researching and bought one for myself. The result was immediate and my eyes felt much better after work. I started researching purchase options and alternatives and realized that this should also be taken to Latvia, where at that time people still knew quite a bit about it. Now we help others with our product.